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By building relationships with other non-profits, community organizations, civic clubs, local businesses, and schools we are networking to establish food security in our high desert community of Sierra County.

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Hot Springs High School Hands-On Growing

High School Garden Raised-Bed Building Day This summer - sign up if you want to help the Garden To Cafeteria program.

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Community Development

Tackling the Issues


We have a great opportunity to receive a grant of $25,000 to build our community-serving greenhouse! But there's a catch. We need you to show your support for our Corzine Street Greenhouse by donating $5, $10, or whatever you can afford online at Growing Together


We need to raise $3,000 from as many individuals as we can to show how much local support we have. Can you help us get this community-building grant from the Gannett Foundation?

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Our efforts pertaining to this program involve developing an innovative way of working with high school students to develop a sense of self-reliance, along with the idea that by working together we can create a more meaningful and bountiful life for ourselves and our families here in Sierra County.

Education & Outreach

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We see the challenge of building a community around raising our own food as an opportunity to show the true strength of local fortitude! This initiative helps ensure that our neighbors are better prepared to manage the unique situation they find themselves in. We want to deliver the support they need when they need it.

Community Development

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